The Man In The Brown Suit
Included in Sheriff Nottingham's 14th issue "Twilight Zone," this is the super scary story about the time I saw a ghost in an empty frat house. It's written in the third person because that's the spookiest perspective. You can buy it here. 
The Thing From Another Block
Included in Albatross Funnybooks 4th issue of "Spook House," this story is a kid-friendly retelling of the movie The Thing. It's got probably the best drawing of a cat monster eaten popcorn ever and I crack up every time I see it. You can buy it here.
The Never Ending Summer
Released in Sheriff Nottingham's 8th issue "Nightmoon," this story is about a brief period in my life when I drove a rickshaw in Nashville. It's about a bleak as you assume it is. You can buy the issue here.