Shooting Action/Comedy Since 2012
Over the past six years I've worked at juxtaposing comedic/absurdist dialogue and themes against straight-faced dramatic/action set pieces that creates a uniquely dark comedic style. 
Experienced in directing & producing live content
Between the multimedia serial series "The Agents of Fortune" the sketch comedy series "Luxury Prestige III" or the roundtable political comedy "Cushing and Acquaintances: With Mac Cushing" I have a solid track record with producing and executing critically-acclaimed live shows. 
Writing heartbreaking works of staggering adequacy
Other than acting as head writer for The Agents of Fortune, Luxury Prestige III and Cushing and Acquaintances, my writing has also been featured the literary collection Sheriff Nottingham and the Albatross Funnybooks comic Spook House
Good Press
Check out what some people have to say about my work
Cushing & Acquaintances 
"These days, I hear a lot from my peers about two related desires: One, to stay better informed and support the dissemination of actual facts, and two, to laugh to keep from crying about what we learn every day in the news. The latest project from Mac Cushing, who you’ll know from the action-comedy serial The Agents of Fortune, comes at the right time to satisfy those among us who open the front page of The New York Times with a little trepidation. "-The Nashville Scene  
Luxury Prestige III
"...the sketch series Luxury Prestige III returns after a major overhaul. While the format remains the same — the bill features three live sketches and three videos submitted by local comedians, and the audience will vote to determine who gets the grand prize — it’s no longer the throw-and-go, open-mic style presentation that enjoyed a three-year run at The East Room. All the sketches have been vetted beforehand and produced by Agents of Fortune creator Mac Cushing, raising the bar for everyone involved" - The Nashville Scene -  

The Agents of Fortune
"Anything as nutty and ambitious as The Agents of Fortune — Mac Cushing and Dean Shortland’s hybrid live-action/film series in which a gaggle of top local talent performs in the ongoing saga of two CIA agents assigned to lie low in Music City — was bound to catch our attention."
 - The Nashville Scene